The Osaka store was assembled like this. ...

The other day, this model, which was decided to be released in Japan in a hurry, arrived at the Osaka store immediately! Only one S size. Please be careful if you are vulnerable to the word "limited edition". You can see the real thing at the Osaka store, but the sale (timing can be handed to customers) It will be March 9th.

“Affinity × Hennessy” Major Taylor Collection Build Kit ¥ 135,000- (+Tax)

What is "Build Kit"? which one? As contentFrame, crank set, leather saddle, leather bar tape, 5 -piece set of leather straps.Please note that you are not on board.
Perhaps the saddle and bar tape are like a BROOKS. 。 。 ? Occasionally, you may find it on SNS, but the crank has a stamp of Affinity.
As an affinity owner, I've been interested in it for a long time, but I feel like it was still built ~ For the time being, these 5 points are the contents of the set. 。 ! In addition, this will come! So it's actually a 8 -piece set. smile

This frame is also a Japanese specification, so the rear brake cable is an internal specification. It can be assembled in a pretty refreshing appearance.
And it is a frame details, but the design is slightly different from the normal specification. ・ Head tube
・ Down tube
・ Top tube
・ Chain stay
If you're not honest, it's rather plain. I personally like it a lot.
We accept orders from ¥ 215,000 when assembled at the Osaka store! By the way, this Osaka store custom part assemble looks like this. Crisking NO Thread Set ¥ 19,000- (+Tax)
I want you to stick to the headset ~ Silver looks good, but I'm expecting an aggressive color order because it's ordinary. Fairweather MT-31 Side Clamp Stem ¥ 11,000- (+Tax)
It is a rare 1 -inch head for Nitto. H Plus Son AT-25 X Suzue Pro Max F/¥ 23,800- ・ R/¥ 24,500- (+tax)
Nitto for Shred Bar ¥ 7,700- (+Tax)
It's the total amount of the custom you care about,¥ 285,000- (+tax)is! Isn't it a must -see for those who are worried about the steel frame? It is a living thing depending on how you ride. And, of course, you can use installment payments, so please take a look at the simulation for reference!

“Affinity × Hennessy” Major Taylor Collection Build Kit ¥ 135,000- (+Tax)

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