Hed.stinger looks like this.

WellThe previous blogContinuingHed. StingerI will write about. Hed.stinger ¥145,000 ~
There are several types of rim hats like the JET series in STINGER. 3 (33mm), 5 (50mm), 6 (60mm), 9 (90mm)As the numbers grow, the rim hats are also higher. The above image is a 33mm height specification in Stinger3. STINGERAll models are tubular specifications。 and,All rims are formed with carbonIt will be. Therefore, it is extremely light. "lightweight"That is the biggest feature of the STINGER seriesI think.
The lightest Stinger3 is 490g in the lightest amount. Some hubs and spokes are light, but it is impossible to make the rim quite light to make it so light. And there are really many voices"Carbon is scary" "Is it too light but okay?"Those who care about rigidity. We are not actually experimenting with strength,I can say that it is not fragile enough to be worried。 If the carbon wheel made at this level is so shocking, it will break with aluminum wheels. And STINGER is the same as JETBy setting the rim width to 25 to 28mm, ensuring rigidity and ensuring stability during driving.be doing. The rim width held in this rim is quite effective for rigidity and stability. However, having a width also has the disadvantage of increasing the area of ​​the rim and increasing weight. However, it is the good thing of STINGER that does not even feel it because of tubular. In the image, the front is a radial group, but the truck specifications are assembled with two crosses before and after, and it has a very hard finish. This is also considering the horizontal rigidity unique to the truckI would like the feeling of being in the state of a radial feeling for me.
Another difference from JET is not an internal specification, but the nipple is outside. Well, I'm not sure why I didn't make it an internal.
By the way, in Japan, the truck specification of this STINGER series is basically not sold. but,If you get an order, you can get the Sanick hub, the Hed. The point is to orderIt will be. In Japan, there are not only people who use it, but it is quite recommended because you can get ultra -light wheels. The JET series is good, but I feel attractive to this Stinger. If you are interested, please contact us.
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