Great ants even with a little custom

Today we will introduce Cartel Bike Avenue Lo The pashute (downward) frame in this price range is unusual, reasonable, but very large. It is a perfect price for a new life in the future, and there should be many people in Don Pisha!
Cartel Bike Avenue LO T3 Pro Custom ¥ 196,130- (+Tax) The specifications look like this. Base body: Cartel Bikes Avenue Lo Polish ¥ 83,000 (+Tax) Front wheel: Brotures T3 Pro ¥ 100,000 (+Tax) Handle: NITTO B260AAF BLACK ¥ 4,630 (+Tax) Saddle: Fabric Scoop Radius SADDLE ¥ 8,500 (+Tax)
Riser is Nitto B260AAF. Because it is rising firmly, it is a comfortable ride. It has a different goodness from the recent trendy wide bar. Even the custom of the handle, saddle, and front desk changes the atmosphere considerably, so the satisfaction is improved. How about a little custom? Adatch
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