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Riding a bicycle has also become a good climate. Isn't it the season when people who have been hibernated? I think many people recur the bicycle heat at this warm time. I want to customize something from the genuine state! Where should I change it?When askedThe first thing I recommend is the crank.
To be honest, if it's a genuine crank of the car body except 735TR, and a crank that sells roses. Huge difference. It's not as good, but there is a difference in rowing and riding comfort! It is considerably hard = hard to deflate compared to the genuine crank, and the power is directly transmitted. I feel like that. Please try to imagine.My feet sink when I start running on the muddy ground, If you are muddy, you will not be able to demonstrate your original power. The crank is the sameEven if you step in the crank Power is running awayThat is. So the first custom recommendation is ""crankThat's why.
So from hereCrank inventory situation at Osaka store MICHE PISTARD 2.0 Crank Set ¥ 29,500- ( + Tax)
"Omnium" is a synonymous model of the direct crank. It is finished lighter than that. The secret is obvious from the back side. First of all, there is one spider arm, and it is a lot of flesh. If you want to finish your body lightly, this is recommended.

Vision Track Crank Set ¥ 27,000- (+Tax)
It is a crank that is installed as standard in 735TR. Aero -based and disk -based cranks are quite influential as an option. There is an option called Rotor, but the price is. 。 hey. 。 smile It's a little heavier than the MICHE introduced earlier, but it's aero, so it can't be helped. Aerodynamous than weight.However, if you give a big point different from MICHE"Shaft diameter" ・ Black is VISION and silver is MICHE.
By increasing the shaft, the rigidity increases, and the direct feeling when you step on it increases! By the way, it is the same shaft diameter as ROTOR. MICHE is 24mm and Vision is 30mm. This 6mm gives a big difference. If you already use Vision, we recommend BB custom! WISHBONE BOTTOM BRACKET ¥ 18,000- (+Tax)
There is no doubt that the rotation performance and rigidity are improved. Ask the staff for details.
③ Brotures Rip Crank Set ¥ 24,000- (+Tax)
Direct cranks are basically around 30,000 yen. If it is expensive, it will exceed 40,000 yen. I want a proper crank with as much cost as much as possible. Answering such hope This is the crank. I've actually used it, but honestly it can be used! First of all, try using this crank and experience the goodness of the direct crank. At that time when you row, try using Ominium or MICHE.
④ SUGINO 75 Messenger Crank ¥ 33,000- (+Tax)
This crank is not a direct crank. It is the same as the standard used in bicycle racing.
One feature is that a cup andcorn format can be used for BB. Direct crank BB basically has a shield bearing, When you open the cup and cone, the ball will fall apart. There is no extra sticker, so I go around. Actually, the staff is supported. The top is Fujimoto and the bottom is Yuki!

That's it for the crank currently in the Osaka store. In addition, omnium and ROTOR will be available, so please look forward to it. Both are selling, so if you really want it, we also accept reservations! The story of the crank is over here. Although story changes,Glue pride will be held on 3/17! It's a day ride for the first time in a long time! The location has not been confirmed yet, The time is scheduled from 10:00 to 13:00! Then, after returning to the store, we will hold a drive train course! Details will be announced again at a later date, so please look forward to it. Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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