A custom bike made with the topic ultra -...

It is known for its light and light among the aluminum frames handled by BROTURES.Kagero
It is a frame featuring a solid torque feeling when stepping on aluminum and a front down shape that makes it easy to apply weight in the forward direction. Kagero specialized in the weight and speed of rowing peculiar to the piste. This time, Kichijoji store made custom bikes with silver parts everywhere.
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Custom completed car/¥ 260,000+tax Normal completed car/¥ 205,000+tax Frame fork set/¥ 120,000+tax Set Leader Downtown for the steering wheel. ExactlyPiste bikeRecommended handle for those who want to finish.
Leader Downtown Drop/¥ 8,000+tax SRAM OMNIUM has been selected as an important power part that turns the rowing power into a power to move forward. If you are not sure about choosing a crank, there is no doubt if you put it on this guy.
SRAM OMNIUM crank set/¥ 31,400 + TAX * With BB/chain ring And this time, I set up hand wheels back and forth on the wheels at my feet.
H Plus Son AT-25 (Polish) x Suzue Promax Track Hub Front/¥ 23,800+TAX Rear/¥ 24,500+TAX In this way, just selecting silver parts for the wheel will change the impression. If you want to finish it in a clean adult custom, you should choose it. Kagero looks good for both black parts and silver parts, so the custom range is expanded.

Handle: Leader Bikes Down Town Drop Stem: Thomson X2 Black Stem Saddle: Fizik Arione Seat post: Thomson Elite Setback Seat Post Crank: SRAM OMNIUM CRANKSET F Wheel: H Plus Son AT-25 (Polish) x Suzue Promax Track Hub R Wheel: H Plus Son AT-25 (Polish) x Suzue Promax Track Hub
In addition to the kagero introduced this time, we will have a pashute -shaped entry model. Moreover, a limited production polish model can be prepared at the last one.
Leaderbikes Cure Polish Normal completed car/¥ 100,000 + TAX By the way, if it is a Kichijoji store, if it is an in -store product, we will do your best to deliver the car on the day. Please feel free to consult with the size from the selection of size and the color and custom.

Currently, BROTURES Kichijoji offers a large number of "special custom bikes" using outlet frames and parts. For more information【Here】here is!!

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