How to choose a Q & A fixie bike

Most of the bicycles sold at BROTURES are the simplest bicycles that connect one piece of gear before and after, called a pistebike, single speed. It is excellent in speeding, hard to break, and is highly fashionable. I think it is the best vehicle for daily use as a means of transportation such as commuting. There are various models even if you say a fixie, so some people may not know which one to choose. I would like to briefly introduce how to choose a model for those who want to try a fixie bike.

① Select by design

The cut is from the appearance. Choosing the design is the most popular way to choose. If there is something that comes with the shape of the frame, color, handle and wheel, the entrance is the entrance. At BROTURES, an aerohape with an impactLeader bike, ArtisticDosnoventa, A avant -garde graphicCinelliWe have a fixie bike with various designs. No matter what body body, it is good to be a car body that can be satisfied.

② Select by budget

The price of the price is inevitable to be proportional to the quality of quality, but there is also a way to choose by budget. BROTURES is in the 50,000 yen rangeCartel bikesSE BIKESThere is a wide lineup, from custom bikes that exceed 1 million yen. All the piste bikes handled by BROTURES are bicycles carefully selected by our eyes that love the fixes. Please choose with confidence according to your budget. Bicycles enjoy the custom later with the initial investment. That is also the real pleasure of a fixie bike.

③ Select by material

If you value riding comfort and performance in choosing a bicycle, look at the material of the frame. The materials used in the general sports bike frame include chromoly (iron), aluminum, and carbon. The chromoly is a soft and long -lasting material. Aluminum is lighter than chromoly and riding comfort is hard. It is the most popular material for sports bikes with a good response and easy speed. The carbon is a material that is even better in terms of lightweight, enhances vibration absorption, increases rigidity, and creates frames with various characteristics.

④ Select by design

The design of the frame is called geometry. It is a good factor that determines the property of the frame as well as the material, so I think it is good to compare the geometry. Depending on the length and angle of each tube, there is a sense of stability in the straight ahead, and on the contrary, it is characterized by bending quickly. It may be a little choice for advanced users. In addition, some models have a small size development, so it is safe to check the length of the seat tube (standing pipe) and the top tube (upper pipe).

⑤ Select for application

Many of the pisters sold at BROTURES are mainly daily use such as commuting. Even if it is a city ride all at once, the frequency of use, mileage, and driving conditions vary. There are many slopes, the road surface is rough, and the cold is strong. A custom order is the best way to choose a fixie bike that is perfect for such use. BROTURES is a custom -made shop. Professional staff will give you the best advice from careful interviews. First of all, please give me courage and contact us. For inquiries, please contact the nearby Brotures Yokohama or Brotures Online For reservations and inquiries, I would like to send an email using the template below or call us! → Click here to make a reservation ← ■ Wanted car type brand: model: Color: size: ■ Hope custom ■ Delivery method (store / shipping) ■ Name ■ Address ■ Contact information You can purchase a new car wisely by the trade -in + loan combination technique. Click here for detailsblogfrom BROTURES YOKOHAMA 73-2 Yamashita-cho, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa 045-877-0974 12:00~20:00
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