This color is required!? Leader Bikes 725TR

A model that can be purchased from the entry model for 50,000 yen, 725TR. The difference of 50,000 yen is quite different in the car body! Because the total length of the bicycle is longStability is outstanding compared to other modelsis. The seat tube formed in 3D to cover the rear wheels is quite impressive The seat post is also made of carbon, so the ride is also improved. Leader Bikes 725TR Custom ¥ 150,000 ~ ( + Tax)
The front fork is also a carbon so it absorbs vibration!
This color "sea form green" Compared to other color lineupsThe number of stocks is smallSo if you are worried Is it harder to make a reservation? 。 。It is the best thing that you can't buy when you want.
This time, I set the Buton wheels that have recently been restocked back and forth! ・ Encore WHEEL LOW ¥ 50,000 (+tax)
The rim width is quite wide, so vibration and stability from the ground are perfect! It's pretty sturdy, and it's okay to trick! Overseas riders are also endorsed.
The price is modest for this wheel and baton wheel, There is another great point! Usually, the rear wheels are mostly expensive, Encore is the same for both before and after! Isn't it also possible to put a baton wheel only for the rear?
So, many people don't know much, but they are in a new state, If you customize it from the beginning, you will trade in the genuine wheel! The front is ¥ 8,000-, rear ¥ 9,000-, front and rear ¥ 17,000-! The total amount of custom, including trade -in¥ 233,000- (+tax) Finally, I will put an installment hobby ration!
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