Pyun Pyun, Kagero

Introducing the Cagero custom bike body of the "Tyrant Bikes" of the Leader Bikes high -end model line The frame set weight is amazing 1.6kg with a pashute frame with a beautiful front descent The sheet tube is gained, gained a more compact rear triangle, and features a quick and sharp ride. Kagero is a frame with three beats, ease of riding, speed, and coolness.
It's a point that is a long -awaited gun meta now. It has become a custom of the royal road, but on the contrary, I returned to the origin. I wonder if it will eventually settle in this style.
It's not a fetish, but I think many people are particular about the gououts here. spec Framesh: Tyrant Bikes Kagero Front WHEEL: BROTURES T3 Pro Rear Wheel: Leader Bikes L44 Crank: MICHE PISTARD AIR Handle: Nitto for Shred Bar Grip: CULT X Vans Waffle Grip Stem: Thomson X4 STEM SeatPost: Thomson Elite SeatPost SADDLE: SELLE ITALIA FLITE 1990 By the way, you can test drive Kagero. thisblogPlease also refer to it. The story changes, but tomorrowAtmoscon! I will go, so please call me ~ Adatch
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