Introducing Special Collaboration 735.

Hello, this is TAIGA. I ran safely in Osaka Ride. Thank you to those who were on the way and those who gave support comments on Instagram DM! ! I'm glad I could run without the accident or big trouble. By the way, this time we will introduce ATMOS x Leader Bikes Collaboration 735TR Custom! !

Atmos x Leader Bikes 735TR T3Custom ¥ 380,000 (+tax)

If you like sneakers, you would have been surprised. Yes, this is the motif of "Air Max 1 Atmos Elephant". T3 was set back and forth without compromise on this 735, a limited 20 units. If such a bicycle is running, you will inadvertently look back. It is a design with that impact. It's cool to run loosely on the city! I have seen the collaboration bikes several times, but all of them are sold out and difficult to see. I wonder if this will not be seen. 。 Now that there is a real thing, it is one that I want you to see at the store. If you wish to purchase this model that is expected to be sold out immediately, please contact Kichijoji store as soon as possible.
Customers who have ordered now will receive a BROTURES mini decal & "B sticker" from the Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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