The other day, this handlebar was re -arrived at the Osaka store. It is always sold out early, so if you are aiming for it, please be as soon as possible! DEDA DABAR ¥ 24,000- (+Tax)
Unlike the aluminum crononero, it's a slimy form If you are captivated by this golden balance I guess there are many. The rest is this claiming logo. (In a good way)
Bar tape is a wound person, but if you use this handle, I want to use it without winding.
This time, install on this bike. DOSNOVENTA LOS Angeles Frame Set ¥ 149,000 ( + Tax) DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES COMPLETE ¥ 249,000 ~ (+tax)
The model announced this year is aluminum, frame material. The pipe is Airplane, the highest grade of Columbus. The front fork is also full carbon, high rigid and lightweight. You can also aim for the 6kg range.
It's cool to put baton wheels on the front wheel. CORIMA 3 Spoke Baton Wheel Front ¥ 123,000- (+Tax)
While many companies are manufacturing in China and Taiwan, etc. CORIMA, a valuable brand that is still manufactured in your home country Of course, this wheel is also maid -in France.
I used both three and four batons, but they turn around. There are famous HED H3, but I felt like it turned from the HED. The looks are completely different, so please choose it as you like.
By the way, the total amount of this package is¥ 451,700- (+tax) Interest rate -free split loans are available, so we will put the simulation!
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