If you get lost in custom! !

Today is a custom recommendation! ! I bought it based on the finished car and wanted to customize it later, but where should I do it? ? I would like to introduce recommended parts to such people! !
Thomson Elite SeatPost ¥ 10,000 ( + Tax) First from the seat post! ! The staff usage rate is also No.1! ! If you are not sure about choosing a seat post, you will definitely choose Thomson. A jagura that can fine -tune the angle of the fine saddle with two points. Abundant size development. And, of course, the accuracy. Speaking of a straight seat post without a setback, it is the first thing. Then stem! ! Personally, I think it's a part where you can experience the change more than the price! ! The length of the stem is greatly changed to a riding posture! !
Thomson Elite X2 STEM ¥ 10,000 ( + Tax) This curved beauty is irresistible. It features a refreshing silhouette that clamps with two other bolts.
Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 10,000 ( + Tax) Here you can hold it firmly with 4 points! ! The brand logo enters firmly and is a presence ◎. Both stem and seat posts are kind to the same price regardless of color and size.
Thomson SeatPost Collar ¥ 3,900 ( + Tax) There were other small parts like this. Clamp to tighten the seat post! ! Isn't it okay to look at these small parts? ? YOSHIE
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