Seriously! ? That "Brooklyn Machine Works...

Hello! ! Today's blog introduces "Brooklyn Machine Works Gangsta" as the title suggests! ! It's a frame that everyone knows! ! ! ! At that time, I had a lot of trouble getting it, but it was decided to be released as "V4"! ! ! ! ! BROTURES OSAKA is also available, but it arrives! ! If you definitely get it, you need to make a reservation, so please ask as soon as possible! !
GANGSTA is a BROOKLYN -like motorcycle that JOE, the owner/designer of BROOKLYN, was born from the desire to make a motorcycle where you can easily get on a drink shop. V4 GANGSTA started with V1 and released this time. With more time than the release of V1, the details have been updated to the modern version, not just re -baking. The most dedicated to the remover brake pedestal tailored to the modern circumstances. In situations where you do not use brakes, you can remove only the brake but also the pedestal to get a clean look. In addition, the chain stay clearing has been changed so that the width of the rear tire enters to around 30c. In general, the details of the seat post have been improved to φ27.2, which has many after -market parts. At first, Brooklyn seems to have been thinking on the premise of use on the street, but now this successive GANGSTA, which leads to V4, has been used in various ways by many users. Many people change to freelance gears with fixed gears or can easily run, and enjoy cruising. However, many Gangsta has been used in single -speed cyclocross and truck black (single and fixed gear). It can be said that the early design concept of JOE, which was originally a BMX rider, has expanded the possibility of Gangsta.
・ BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 Trans Black completed car ¥ 175,000 (+tax) ・ BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 BLACK/ORANGE completed car ¥ 165,000 (+tax) ・ BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 Trans Black Frame Set ¥ 90,000 (+tax) ・ BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 BLACK/ORANGE Frame Set ¥ 83,000 ( + Tax) The color is "Neon Orange" / "Black" / "Trans" / It is expected that the Osaka store will be reserved immediately, and it will be gone at the time of reservation! ! ! If you have this time, please make a reservation as soon as possible! ! We will also respond to reservations from telephone and email, so please feel free to contact us! ! Ayumu BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)