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I'm sorry, I couldn't finish it three times. Click here for the last review. https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/125540 https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/126532 https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/127682
Alright, The long -awaited Kagero 2015. It was a favorite that I was ran into a batch batch Suddenly stolen. Serious swastika.
(Image / serious swastika person) So I understand the feelings of the stolen customers painfully. that? 。 。 。 。 that? where did you go?The feeling of loss is really dangerous. Locks don't do too much. As an aside, the U -shaped ABUS is the strongest rock worldIt seems to be. Cutting load is amazing14 tons。 Can be cut with hydraulic / voltage cutter (disaster rescue squad class). It cannot be cut with a carrying scissors (clipper). absolutely. * Returned the story, Based on the stolen experience,Subsequent response and relief measuresSuch, It's a little more detailed than other staff. later,Good at accidentsSo, if you have any problems with unexpected situations, please consult us. The stolen kagero is still not found, I can't help but be discouraged, so is it called a former Saya? The longest relationship"Sample Kagero" is the appearance again. Is this aftereffects of theft? It was somehow unpleasant to attach expensive carbon parts Unique and characteristic parts for paint and processingSelect
(Image / crack -painted aero spoke) I asked for such a paint. I tried riding with a riser handle that I don't like. It may be intentionally heavy on the car body or lower than the gear. But that's not the case. The piste bike for me is a luxury item at the same time as everydayIt's hard to run, it's not aggressive, I'm not convinced = I don't want to ride。 "I like" doesn't change easily. SuchL44 carbon wheel set from Leader BikeIs in stock. From 3 timesThe one who likes carbon and new partsI can't stand my favorite food. Stupid, carbon straight. I'll buy it right away.
After all, if the fix is ​​not this (self -contained) If you think that, only the partner "Sample Kagero" is transferred to Kichijoji. Come on,Finally, the riding pist will disappear。 * Below, the journey to search for yourself. Since this is not Leader, I will introduce it.
Other than Leader Part 1
(GAZZETTA with replacement of images and kagero parts) Currently, Osaka store manager "Fujimoto (Fuji P)" Borrow CINELLI GAZZETTA and ride the chromoly (iron) frame for the first time in life. 「The chromoly is not bad, will you order next to NJS? "And have a cheeky impression. I haven't ordered yet.
Other than Leader Part 2
The shop where the owner's feeling was good when I visited Taipei. "Kendo" original frameI have the opportunity to get it. "Seeker"The name was cool. Steel, oversized pipe, integral HT, So -called full carbon fork equipment"Modern steel frame" Purple system that likes the color. I really liked this frame and went to the Expo Park.
Other than Leader Part 3
The Kendo original frame was in good shape, so I was worried about other things. "Orbit"The name was cool (also the name this time). Aluminum frame + chromoly forkDosnoventa Monte Carlo, It looks like a cheap version of the Cannondale truck,Surprisingly comfortable and I like it again。 I still have this frame.
Other than Leader Part 4
Masterpiece"CERVELO T1」 Also on the Taiwanese route, the first use frame in life. Although production has ended,It is still popular on races and streets. Get T1 that does not appear in the used market. When I noticed, I was a longing, so I went up. And as a result I like
Do too much customHuh. It's too cool,I can't ride because I take care of it too much。 smile If you go right and left like that, you will be in stock last year. "Kagero arrival = I have to ride"(Not) https://brotures.com/blogs/store-blog/99917 I think I wrote it on my blog at this time, As S size was small, I decided to ride a one -size big M size with a riser. This kagero isThe contents are exactly the same as the current Tyrant Kagero。 honest,I didn't think I could get such a light and high -level frame from Leader。 For example, even if the weight is made with a wheel custom,
Unique clicking comfortIs a different feeling from the previous Kagero. DownwardGood acceleration, When you aimA skid that is decided perfectly。 For handmade"You can do that much ~"I think, but Kagero produces factory production。 Although the quantity is limited, it is mass -produced type.It's Zaku. That's why I like Leader, The quality is stable even though it is a factory productionI mean The part of any major manufacturer is paying attention. That's the quality control. No matter how good a design and blueprintsIf you can't do it, the theory of desk on the desk。 Only with a "excellent builder" in handmade. In the factory maid, the worker, the production line, and the management system function only. That's why I'm more like a habit or something like a unique "flavor". Taiwanese bornFactory maidI like it. Work is fast. I don't hate handmade. Our Japanese builder level is top classNanoha, I know the work of mechanic with myself, Canada's "No22"I love the work of "Low" or "Affinity" in the United Statesis. The story was quite personal. * So, it's about Kagero, but I like it too much "Oh, I want to attach Paul's disc brake"I thought,
wear. smile Sidewalks and stepsBokko BokokoYou can go and slopeGangan GangClimb, The missing is the top speed and the yellow plate on the sidewalk. smile It seems interesting to return to this specification, It was a very favorite custom. * And the current Kagero is
Actually, it is under renewal. It's already done, so I'll introduce it on the next blog next time. * And and, What is my piste bike now? Here
current735TR WhiteIt will be. It's too important to get the courage to ride"CERVELO T1" If you can't ride, you have to ride!I notice (now) The parts did not want to take care of it, so Cannot be sold to customersForcibly modified the frame in translationAnd (even if there is something) I have replaced the parts and get over.
No"Aero frame + disk wheel" I feel like a fabric, I want to make it popular. 。 。 Oh, I want to tell you this feeling. So, we want to cut the wind together 2019, spring. * While whispering "If you notice, you're on Leader after all."So I want to end this long -term single. Those who are looking forward to I'm waiting -those who called me, Thank you for the extra pressure. lie. smile Thank you very much for your relationship. If you have a long talk, I would be happy if you could see it. You can say the theme. I don't know if I write or do it. See you soon. See you again in other articles. 763 -narumi- BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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