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Reservations can be made with BROTURESBrooklyn Machine Works (BMW) "Gangsta V4" This manufacturer has gained enormous support from messenger around the world, including the United States. It will be MTB, but there are many celebrities, including Farrell Williams, Beyonce, Kanye West, and the third generation J Soul Brothers members in Japan. BMW frameIt doesn't break, you can ride for a long time, Impression.
By the way, GANGSTA V4 released this time. This frame starts with V1, and this is the fourth in the series. GANGSTA is a BROOKLYN -like motorcycle that JOE, the owner/designer of BROOKLYN, was born from the desire to make a motorcycle where you can easily get on a drink shop. V4 GANGSTA started with V1 and released this time. With more time than the release of V1, the details have been updated to the modern version, not just re -baking. This frame is good for V1 and V2, but the new place isV brake pedestalWas set up. The convenience has increased more than before! From the characteristic double crown fork, top tubes, rugged rear ends, etc., you can feel masculinity ◎
【Finished car】 BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 Trans Black completed car ¥ 175,000- BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 BLACK/ORANGE completed car ¥ 165,000- 【flame】 BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 Trans Black Frame ¥ 90,000- BROOKLYN MACHINE WORKS GANGSTA V4 BLACK/ORANGE Frame ¥ 83,000- By adopting a remove brake pedestal from this time, it is possible to remove not only the brake but also the pedestal and looks clean. Since the tire size is also around 30C, it also supports single cyclocross trucklocross specifications that are becoming trendy! V4, which can handle the street to the city, and even races, said, "I was waiting for this frame! ! ] And rejoicing. The colors are all three colors . You can make a reservation at the Kichijoji store, so if you are considering it, please contact us. If you come to the store, I will talk about the history of BMW a little deeper ◎. This frame is definitely expected to be sold out. We recommend that you keep it as soon as possible! Then. BROTURES Kichijoji has a lot of great campaigns in March. Click here when replacing the frame
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All of them are special projects only in March, so don't miss them !! We are waiting at the store !! In addition, customers who have ordered now will receive BROTURES Mini Decl & B Sticker from Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
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