Q & A [How to choose size]

I would like to explain a little more about the important size for those who choose a fixie bike for the first time. First, bicycles have a size. A typical city cycle (mamachari) is often determined by the size of the wheel. 26 inches, 27 inches, 28 inches you know well. It is often asked, "Does the size of the wheel change depending on the size?", But this is different for sports bikes. The size of the wheel is almost determined by the model of a sports bike depending on the model. It is determined by 700c for fixes and road bikes, 26inch for MTB, and 20inch for BMX. So choose the size of the fixie bike by the frame. Bicycles of any manufacturer have size variations for each model.

① Top tube and seat tube

Each tube that makes up the frame has its own name. When deciding a frame size, the top tube and seat tube length are particularly notable. The top tube is also called the upper tube, which is a tube that is almost parallel to the upper part of the frame. The seat tube is also called a ritual, and is a tube under the saddle standing almost in the center of the frame. The frame size is expanded by longing or shortening these two tubes.

② Size notation

The size notation is different for each brand and each model. Generally, it may be represented by numbers such as "51" "53" "55", and it may be represented by alphabets, such as "S", "M", and "L". When represented by numbers, it basically represents the length of the seat tube. If it is a frame size "51", the seat tube length is 51cm. However, it is important to note that there are several ways to measure the seat tube. In the case of "C-T" notation, the length is from the center of the BB shell to the top of the seat tube, and in the case of "C-C" notation, the length from the center of the BB shell to the top tube. Also, in the case of a sloping frame where the top tube drops back or a pashute frame that has fallen forward, the virtual seat tube length may be described in the horizontal (the top tube is the ground and horizontal). "Frame size" is often represented by this virtual value.

③ General adaptive size

The following is the common size conformity table. You can see that there is surprisingly width. If I are 170cm tall, I will be able to ride from the frame size 49 to 55. And you can actually ride. It is related to the length of the limbs of the rider or the top tube length of the frame, but most people should be able to ride according to this. However, this is only for adaptive height, and is not always the right height. It would be safe to choose the size in the middle. In my case, around 52 in the middle of 49 and 55 may be in good shape.
Size table_mini

④ Leader Bike model size by model

Leader bikeThere are many models with alphabet notation, so I will explain it in detail. In the case of 735TR, 725TR (the same model has a slightly different size notation depending on the year The frame size is 51 = s, 53 = m, 55 = L, 58 = XL. The 725TR has a small size of 46 = xxs, 49 = XS. The feature of 725TR and 735TR is that the seat tube (C-C) is short and the standover is low, so it can be straddled a single size. Since the top tube is slightly longer for the seat tube, those with the short arm may drop one size. In the case of 721TR (the same model has a slightly different size notation depending on the year Seat tube length (C-T) 50 = xs, 52 = s, 54 = m, 56 = L, 58 = XL. The balance between the seat tube and the top tube is located in the middle of Renovatio. Since the standover height is also low, you can straddle even a single large size. Even the S size keeps the horizontal, so you can enjoy a piste -like look even with a small size. For Kagero, Cure The pasout frame on the front down is a little difficult to see. Seat tube length (C-T) 52 = xs, 54 = s, 57 = m, 59 = l, 61 = xl. Compared to the above Renovatio, the numbers are larger. In addition, the top tube length is slightly longer than the horizontal conversion because the front tube length is on the front. Please note that if you choose the seat tube long, you may go down one size down. If you want to put out a seat post for a long time, you can choose it as it is.

⑤ Staff size (I have been riding a different model now, etc., but for reference)

When deciding the size, the most faster method is to ride or ask the person on board. Regardless of bicycles, "Impressions", which are emphasized in all vehicles, are valuable judgment elements before purchasing. At BROTURES, all staff are fixing riding. Describe the height of the staff, the model used, and the size. Talk to the staff who is on the same height or the model you are considering. It will be kind to you not only in size but also how to select and play recommended parts.
Staff usage size
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