Custom -made wheels are the piste bike fl...

Because of the simple structure, the amount of parts is abundant A custom that is said to be the real pleasure of enjoying a fixie bike. You can replace it if it is about 5 minutes of thing, remove it, remove it. Repeated it, and the ideal form is gradually completed. I enjoy cars and motorcycles as a hobby, but there is no particular genre for this piste bike. It seems that everyone is enjoying custom more flexibly.
The wheels are the ones you want to pay attention to. I want to wear a cool wheel on any vehicle. What is recommended in such a case"Custom -made wheel" Choose a rim, select a hub, choose a spoke, ... You can make your own original wheels in this world with Brotures.
The rim has a lot of shape, and I don't know what the spoke is, so it's a consultation. But what is the hub? I want to choose a hub myself in advance! There are many such people. In fact, this hub part makes a big difference in the riding comfort of the bicycle. So today we introduce recommended hubs in the ranking format.
3rd place DURA-ACE
price★★★★★ Rotational performance★★★ Durability★★★ Japan's proud SHIMANO component "Dura-Ace" Only 36H in the popular bicycle racing worldwide, NJS certified hubs. A light riding with a sense of stability will be realized even in city riding.
2nd place Paul
price★★★★ Rotational performance★★★★ Durability★★★ The second place was the USA brand Paul. Luxurious shell produced by beautiful shaving, very light rotation performance. PHILWOOD is recommended for those who are a little expensive.
1st place PHILWOOD
price★★★ Rotational performance★★★★★ Durability★★★★★ The first place is this brand. Although the price is a little a bit compared to the others, there is no doubt about its performance. Abundant color variations are one of the most popular.
This is the top three hubs. Based on this ranking, let's customize your bicycle with a custom -made wheel. We are waiting for your consultation! ! ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here to call the store Click here for email
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