"725tr" cool custom !!!

good evening!! Today is the last day of the three consecutive holidays. It was good to have a good weather !! I think some people spend time at home on the last day. On a sunny day, you can go out and have a little ride Let's sweat a bit !! The custom bike I want to introduce today It is a fist bike that makes you cool and cool !! Please ↓ ↓ ↓
I incorporated a little Blue into a simple White. Simple custom baton wheels before! Put the Blue wheels behind and have a refreshing finish. Choose BLUE on the crank again !! The clear feeling of the chain ring is also the best !! Because WHITE and BLUE go well It became a cool custom bike somewhere, perfect for this season. Let's introduce the parts ↓ ↓ ↓ From the feet On the front wheel BLB NOTORIOUS 03 Carbon Wheel ¥ (+Tax)
Overwhelmingly popular because of its coolness 3 baton wheels !!! Matt finish with full carbon. Encourage the image of matte black. The brake surface is aluminum rim to maintain the control of the brake. You don't have to use a carbon shoe. Because it is a baton shapeSince air resistance is reduced, the driving performance will be improved. If you want, please come to check early. To the rear wheel BROTURES ALLDAY 42mm WHEEL ¥ 18,000- (+Tax)
BROTURES Original wheel Because the color is abundant Please change the impression of the appearance when you customize it The price is reasonable so you should get it !!!! For the crank BROTURES RIP CRANK ¥ 21,000- (+Tax)
BROTURES original product It is a crank that is rich in color and is easy to use !! This time the chain ring Combined with FACTORY FIVE BLUE ¥ 9,000 - (+tax) !!
This color matches the RIP crank Exquisite combination !!! This chain ring is sold only in Japan. This flesh -removed design is also cool Therefore, it is quite light (78g) chain. Because it is both good from the impact of the appearance, both are excellent Please check. The saddle is Fizi: K Antares R3 KIUM ¥ 20,340- (+Tax)
It is easy to match any frame because it is black and white AbsorbedLightweight and has sufficient pads The comfort is also outstanding. The handle is stable DEDA STREETISSIMO ¥ 4,500 - (+tax)
For "725TR" recently arrived It is a handle that is originally attached !! It has excellent design For riser bar lovers I think it is an irresistible product. how was it??
¥ 314,000- (+tax) In this way, it also has performance, For those who care about fashion It has become a good custom car !! A good bicycle is the same as buying a good car. The price is a little. 。 。 It's okay to say that !! In BROTURES, there is a loan in the payment method, so please refer to it. Example) It is a one -year payment calculation.
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