ENVE? The most notable carbon brand "BLAC...

It is a new brand handling. I feel that the introduction of the carbon brand has been a long time.

"Black Inc" (black ink)
It will be a little detour explanation, To the United Kingdom"Factor" (factor)There is a motorcycle brand. Through the engineering technology that has been cultivated from a racing car and an aircraft industry engineer company Developed with a focus on innovation, speed and high performanceDo, A brand that is a young company whose needs have soared due to good races.
I myself checked on Instagram, When the sale in Japan began, we had a lot of conflict whether the road should be replaced. anywayBeautiful frameworks and design sense are different from othersThat's it. The component is supplied to Factor Bike, which shows a strong commitment to its quality. Introducing this time "Black Inc" (black ink)
The package has a sense of quality and has an impact. I will open it in order,
I will introduce it in order. * First, Stem.
The body is of course full carbon. Bolt is titanium wood. The casual logo and the gloss and mat patterns are symbolic.
Characteristic,Stop the handle clamp from the back sidespecification. By adopting this specification,
This is the most distinctive, thisSophisticated face plateWill be established. If you look closely, you can see the photographer. If you are aiming for a high end, we recommend choosing such parts. * Next is the handle.
me too,Of course full carbon。 By increasing the rigidity of the bar end part, I didn't feel the "deflection" of the handle even if I swung it with the lower handle. Hard firmly. Hardness reminiscent of ENVE, Like a domestic brandEasy -to -grip and familiarityteeth It's unique to black ink, which values ​​the rider's feedback.
The aero part at the upper part is thinner than it looks, and it is a design that gains aerodynamics, It was contrary to its thinnessA tight responseI want to doubt that it is aluminum. I have to feel the height of carbon technology. * The seat post is a lineup of only 27.2 diameter.
The core is full carbon and the yagra part is made of aluminum.Don't worry about fixation。 Comes with a carbon rail compatible clamp.
The same casual logo design as the handle and stem It's easy to match any bike, including Leader and Dosnoventa. * bonus.
Black ink is black ink, so it can be said that "Integrated birthplace" By making it integrated, it is finished in a higher, lighter and supple part. It is a gem I longed for. This is the only one who wants to aim for one and two. * The following is the specifications of the product introduced this time. "Integrated birthplace" UD mat & gloss finish Angle: 6 ° Folk stearing diameter: 1-1/8 " Stem height: 42mm Reach: 80mm Drop: 125mm Flare (the end of the end): 3 ° Sweep (handle top): 2 ° Handle width (C-C): 380 /400 /420 / 440mm Stem length: 90/100/110 / 120 / 130mm Weight: 320g (Handle 420X Stem 110mm) Included dedicated Garmin computer mount Tax price: 68,000 yen

UD mat finishing Angle: 6 ° Handle bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm Folk stearing diameter: 1-1/8 " Stack: 40mm Stem length: 80/90 / 100 /110 /120 / 130mm Bolt: Titanium Weight: 121g (110mm) Tax price: 32,000 yen
UD mat finishing Handle bar clamp diameter: 31.8mm Reach: 80mm Drop: 125mm Handle width (C-C): 360 /380 /400 /420 / 440mm Weight: 212g Tax price: 32,000 yen
Seat post
UD mat finishing Offset: 0 / 25mm Seat post diameter: 27.2mm Length: 350mm Bolt: Steel Saddle rail clamp: 7x7mm, 7x9mm attached Weight: 158g (25mm offset) 【Note】 May not be used due to frame design Tax price: 32,000 yen
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