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At this time, bicycle shops in the world are a bit busy. The number of people who are getting warm and ride a bicycle increases, and new life has been new to commuting bicycles. The usual custom bikes are recommended for many people, and they often have a motorcycle that you want to recommend as a store. However, this time, if you recommend it as a staff member for commuting and school, we will introduce one of this concept. The top batter is always a blog. Toshi will be working.
(Left) I'm always happy if you can remember your face at this opportunity. The bike I chose was CINELLI's Gazzetta. It is the most reasonable motorcycle of CINELLI and a standard urban ride (city ride) model. The slender frame using a Columbus tube is a classical silhouette, but the old typeface chinerrogo and white copper removal design are even more stylish. If I ride such a GAZZETTA with such a custom! My point is "Easy posture" and "Sharp of the parts".
CINELLI GAZZETTA The first "easy posture" is the handle. This Nitto B354 has a long handle, so it is convenient because it is easy to attach various things such as bells, lights, drinks and smartphone holders. It is a perfect one for commuter bikes for convenience.
NITTO B354 HERON BAR ¥ 3,900 (+Tax) I don't really like the idea that I should put on anything expensive. Choose expensive parts only when there is a reasonable reason. This is "the sharp part of the parts". This time, I chose wheels using PHILWOOD, which is excellent in durability.
Philwood High Flange Track Hub The hub is a part that is always spinning, and if you don't turn it around, it will be quite stressful. Therefore, in scenes such as commuting, we recommend PHILWOOD, which is maintenance -free and has little trouble. I've actually used it for 4 or 5 years, but I don't have any dissatisfaction. If you can afford a little more budget, it would be great if you put BB and head parts with Philwood. It will not be troublesome anymore. The other parts are affordable and have a sense of security. If you are strong and one more thing, it's a tire. The only part that is in contact with the ground has a significant effect on the ride. If you use it for commuting, it is better to be resistant to punk. And I like a side skin that makes use of the stylish frame atmosphere. This is the case.
Continental Grand Prix Classic I thought it would be good for commuting around 10km one way in me. I think that you can ride this bike even if it is not a fixed gear and a single -free ride. It is more important to have less troubles and stress than to have good performance for bicycles on commuting or going to school. Still, if you enjoy riding a bicycle or feel good, you can go to the company or school. I think that the concept of commuting and going to school is different. It is the same for staff. I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of commuting motorcycle the next staff after the next time. TOSHI
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