Commuting and commuting to school! CINELL...

I want to commute and go to school by bicycle! But what if you puncture on the way? What about luggage? 。 Introducing a personal recommended custom that you can ride every day without worrying about such a thing.
For genuine partsCinelli With logo. The handle is also equipped with a long riser that looks like now!
Cinelli X Mash, a successor to Work. Tutto is in Italian"all"That means. I feel like I can do anything like gravel, long ride, truck cross and cyclocross. So, this time, even in that "all"Commuting / commuting, Everyday BikeCustom with a spot on it! And I'm going to be at a low cost. 。 。 !
It gets warmer, and when I carry my bag, I sweat on my back, uncomfortable, and sweat. From such a thing, it will be released by this! ADEPT Truss Porter Rack ¥ 4,400- (+Tax) Highland Fat Strap ¥ 700 ~ (+Tax)
You can fix something, bags and bags!
By the way, I always have this bag. Actually, a bag with a Thomson handle. It's a little poor, but this is a size and convenient. smile
If you want it, please buy Thomson's handle lol There is no correct answer, so please tie your favorite as you like.
The reason I chose tutto is properly, the point isEnter thick tires. It is quite important to be able to wear thick tires even if you wear a rack. There are few push -ups, and the luggage is less likely to bounce. The rest is hard to punk! Panaracer Gravel King SK ¥ 5,191- (+Tax)
Even with 32C tires, there is only room for this.

In addition, I put on a convenient accessories. It is a compact mudguard that can be carried as it is okay even in the sudden rain. ASS Saver Fender Vender Slim ¥ 2,400- (+Tax)
This size when not in use.
Actually, this is my personal belongings, muddy. He works hard every day. smile

The rest is this bell. KNOG OI LUXE ¥ 4,620- (+Tax)
If it is a riser handle, it is a key point between the brake lever and the grip.
The total amount of this custom you care about¥ 149,300- (+tax) This price is included with all the things introduced today! It is a really recommended custom because you can change the image and the price is reduced. My commuting is almost the same as the feeling introduced today. smile If you have time, you may want to introduce it, so you may not be interested, but please look forward to it. 。 。 Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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