"ZIPP 404 FC Track 333" truck wheel set a...

Repeated product development to improve driving speed and reduce air resistance. High quality component brand, including wheels. "ZIPP (zip)" It's like a morning information program, but the level of the parts is serious. The only wheel with the ZIPP lineup for fixes has arrived this time. However, I have been waiting for half a year after ordering. smile ZIPP 404FC Track 333
Front: Rim width 26.5mm Rim height 58mm Weight 795g Exclusive truck hub Rear: Rim width 26.5mm Rim height 58mm Weight 855g Exclusive truck hub
404FC with a high usage rate of players in the ZIPP wheel lineup. It is the most balanced model, such as aero effect, rim weight, operability, and rotation efficiency. A dedicated truck hub that can only be obtained with this wheel set is set before and after. The acceleration of the ZIPP truck hub, which has a reputation for rotating performance, is addictive. Although it is for trucks, the brake surface is well secured, so it can be driven on public roads.
Chubra tires tend to be shunned by city riding, Recently, there is a double -sided tape called tube tape for installation, The only thing that needs to be aired is the same for clinchers.
Even if you subtract a little time, you will get a change You can't talk about a piste bike without knowing the feeling of driving that is unique to the chowbller and the road surface. Only one set is available. Basically, it is a product -produced product, so don't miss this opportunity. The order is as early as the Osaka store. 763-narumi- BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313 osaka@brotures.com
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