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Today is a custom introduction of Leader Bikes 721TR! ! It is a recommended 721TR as an entry bike It is also recommended as a custom -based body like this time! !
LEADER BIKES 721TR COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 100,000 ( + Tax) This is located in the entry model in Leader Bikes! ! The relatively reasonable price range and a component that is excellent in cospa is recommended for the first time! ! Beautiful horizontal is the most fixi -like look! !
Thomson BMX STEM ¥ 10,000 ( + Tax) High quality American Maid parts maker Thomson !! This time, I chose BMX STEM, which is slightly different from the shape! ! The most distinctive thing is six -stop clamps. It's not in other stems! ! Things that are thicker than normal Thomon's clamp bolt are used The strength is the best in the series! ! Handle diameter 22.2 and BMX handle can be installed, so tricks are of course. Even hard riding! !
Velocity Deep v V X Grancompe Track Hub Front ¥ 23,000 ( + tax)/Rear 24,000 ( + Tax) The rim chooses Velocity of Made in USA! ! In the heyday of the piste, most of the fixes were built with this rim! ! Hub is Grancompe Track Hub! ! It's quite a combination ◎! ! It's a combination of THE pisted hand -assembled wheels! ! For a dedicated aero carbon post with Leader Bikes 725TR, 735TR Entry bikes are a good place to enjoy the custom of the seat post! ! If you can afford the wallet, it looks like this You can customize the entry bike into a crackle! ! In addition, for Leader Bikes I'm doing this kind of campaign, so please join us! ! Bike to Work !! BROTURES supports bicycle commuting. YOSHIE
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