Leader Bike 721TR Custom introduction! !

Good evening. I'm sorry. It's still hot. I sweat enough to consume two T -shirts a day, I am working hard. By the way, today is a bicycle that you are customizing.
Leader Bike 721TR Custom Bicycle How is it? Leader Bike 721TR is fully customized. Every time you come to the store, it will be custom It was a tremendous custom that I noticed. So, I would like to introduce it in detail.
Aerospoke Front Carbon ¥ 40000 (+Tax) It will be a very popular aero spoke. This price is the baton wheel, which is the longing of the pisto rider. 。 。 It is a recommended wheel with strong strength. Even at the Osaka store, it has arrived this time, so if you are interested, we look forward to it.
BROTURES RIP crank ¥ 21000 (+tax) Crank recommended by BROTURES! ! It is a direct crank, and the power link is very smooth, Therefore, there is no doubt that daily rides will be comfortable!
PHILWOOD OUTBOARD BB Carbonate ¥ 18000 (+Tax) How, this customer has changed to BB into dangerous items! ! Hubs that affect driving performance, the rotation performance of the bottom bracket (BB) PHILWOOD provides high quality parts that cannot be realized in the same price range.
Screenshot 2014-07-22 19.30.24
There is no mistake in the drive parts provided by this brand. This customer puts decals cool!
Leader decal is sold from 1080 yen per sheet.
BROTURES is greedy about custom every day. We will make as much effort as possible so that our customers can satisfy them. Those who are worried, those who are thinking about custom in the future Please call the staff. In the future, I would like to continue to introduce cool custom bicycles. If you have a person who says "I have a bicycle I want to introduce!" Until you are Bandai
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