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The weather has gradually increased. I think that there will be more opportunities to ride a bicycle from this time, but we are also busy. Information on new cars, repairing bicycles and customs that had been sleeping during the winter, etc. Among them, there are many orders and consultations on hand group wheels. It's finally time to ride a bicycle comfortably, so I wonder if I will take the plunge of the wheel! I understand that I feel amazing. We have recently introduced some new hand -based wheels we have selected.
Velocity Deep v V X Grancompe Track Hub Front ¥ 23,000 ( + tax)/Rear 24,000 ( + Tax) THE At that time! Nana Inattai combination! The compatibility between Velocity and Gracon, which has been active since the dawn of the fix, is outstanding! It is a relatively affordable price and a wheel with less drawbacks. It is recommended for the first custom wheel because it will be active in a wide range of purposes from commuting to play.
H+SON TB-14 X Suzue Promax Track Hub Front ¥ 23,980 ( + tax)/Rear 24,500 ( + Tax) It looks like a classic wheel, but it is one suitable for shield bearing hubs and city riding on clincher rims. If you say it is modern classic. Vintage things takes time and few repair parts. But this look cannot be bent! It is a clean hit wheel for such a motorcycle!
Hed. Beilgium x Paul Track Hub Front ¥ 53,800 ( + tax)/Rear 59,800 ( + Tax) I used the Belgium rim that was restocked after a long absence to make my best. One of the melicin combined with the hub of Made in USA Paul. It is a moderately lightweight, solid rigidity, and excellent durability and accuracy wheels. There is no place to complain except for the race scene. This one is almost complete. In addition to this, there are various sample wheels in the store. We also accept requests for creating your own custom wheels. When you make an estimate or consultation, please fill in the template below and please feel free to contact us. --------------------------- Custom Wheel Inquiry Foam Template 【rim】 brand: model: Color: [Hub] brand: Model: (Please specify the front or rear) Color: 【spoke】 Color: (Basically black or silver. Color spoke consultation) If you wish, please specify the brand and model. 【nipple】 Color: (Basically, it is black or silver, but you can also consult with color nipples) If you wish, please specify the brand and model. 【others】 ・ Points that we want to be particular about → ・ Customer budget → --------------------------- TOSHI
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