What kind of bicycle is a piste bike? ?

This time, I will give a lecture on a little bit of a piste bike !!!! There are three roughly three.
First of all !!!!

Competition (truck)

The original shape of the fist, which is also used in the official Olympic event. Since it is used only in the stadium that goes around the truck, there is no front and rear brake. There are no holes to attach the brakes (it is used only in the stadium, so it does not violate law). Bicycle racing is famous in Japan, and in this bicycle race, only parts recognized by the standard "NJS" can be used. These parts are popular in the field of city riding beyond the competition user.
Town riding
Popular city riding type in recent years. American messengers It originated from the use of a competition frame because of its low failure. At present, those developed for city riding are gaining popularity. Leaderbikes has a brake, but in the case of the former "NJS frame", the frame is not attached to the brake. You need to attach a dedicated adapter. The free customization that is not bound by the rules of the competition is attractive Many people are making their own.
Originally, tricks that were originally performed in the genre of BMX "Street" and "Flatland" It is a bike for fixing. I often throw my bicycle and throw out bicycles, so Rurable frames and parts are preferred Riser bar handle is a tributary instead of a drop handle, not a bullhorn !! It is also characterized by a sturdy and short handle stem and a low gear ratio. All of these are based on the consideration of making it easier to trick. It is a simple mechanism and has little breakdown, so it is suitable for everyday little city riding !!
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