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Atmos x Leader Bikes 735tr ELEPHANT COMPLETE BIKE !! Thankfully, ATMOS CON has attracted a lot of attention Popular enough to lose size in about a week after its release! ! At the YOKOHAMA store, S size M size is sold out, L size is the last one! ! Introducing a custom bike that you ordered the other day the other day! !
Atmos x Leader Bikes 735TR ELEPHANT COMPLETE BIKE ¥ 195,000 ( + Tax) One of the characteristic elephant pattern and a jade logo is irresistible! ! The base is 735TR, which is located at the high end of Leader Bikes !! It is one of the necessary specifications for running on the street, not only in appearance! ! It is the highest class finished car for both fashionability and running comfort! ! And this time, we deliver the front and rear wheel custom! !
BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 90,000 ( + Tax) The front had a choice of T3! ! Suguremono that combines the impact and lightness of the appearance! ! The unique running comfort that cuts the wind is addictive. Just putting a baton wheel on the front is a lot of change in running comfort and looks! ! This time, we also received a custom of the rear wheel! !
BROTURES SHRED60 CARBON WHEEL REAR ¥ 54,000 ( + Tax) Here is a height lower than SHRED88, which is 60mm in rim hats! ! The impact of the appearance is inferior, but it is GOOD for the crosswind of the city riding! ! Personally, the combination of T3 and SHRED60 is recommended because you can match the rim hat before and after! ! While taking advantage of the coloring of the frame The parts were combined in black and finished in one of the luxury! ! The jade color is cool and cool! ! Here is a Limited Model that has no plan to reproduce! ! If you are worried because it is a lasting chance you can get, please do it as soon as possible! ! YOSHIE
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