I tried to assemble it immediately! !

Custom introduction using T19 BIKES x HOW I ROLL "Minium" Track Bike, which has just arrived today! ! Personally, I would like to buy it with a completed car and enjoy custom later! ! I would be grateful if you could refer to this custom today as an example.
T19 Bikes × How I Roll “Minium” Track Bike CompileTe/¥ 130,000 ( + tax) Framest/¥ 80,000 ( + tax) This time, only the steering car and only the wheels are based on the finished car! ! Of course, it is a cool body even if you ride the finished car as it is, This time, I customized it as I wanted! !
H+SON TB-14 X Suzue Promax Track Hub Front ¥ 23,980 ( + tax)/Rear 24,500 ( + Tax) Choose this classical combination on the wheel! ! Such low rims look great on slender frames. This time, the width of the tire is 25c and thinner than the finished car! ! It is good to enjoy a soft ride with thick tires, If you want to experience the unique quick ride comfort of minium, we definitely recommend it! !
FACTORY FIVE TITAN STEM ¥ 14,500 ( + Tax) 25.4mm thread stem is standard equipment, I chose this one where the 31.8mm handle can be attached! ! The width of the custom will expand a lot! !
Personally, this is the point! ! This shape not found in other truck frames! ! It's a cool word. I tried to customize all -you -can -eat using my favorite blue! ! I couldn't stand it. 。 。 After all mminium is cool! ! There is also a frame alone, so please consider replacing it! ! YOSHIE
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