To be able to row a moderate distance hap...

This time, I customized Gazetta. Rather than riding a distance of about 10km quickly, from a mamachari or cross bike I thought that I could ride easily quickly and set these parts! CINELLI GAZZETTA CUSTOM ¥ 108,000 ~ (+Tax)
Despite the entry model, the detailed details stand out in a good way. As expected, is it a long -established Italian brand? Seat clamp part and back triangular white line Rear end wing C engraved design, etc. Personally, Cinelli is a very favorite brand!

This point is this handle! The Osaka store has arrived for the first time in a long time. Fairweather B903 BULLMOOSE BAR ¥ 8,000-
With a stem -integrated handle, the design of the old MTB is dropped and revived in the present age. If you fall in love with this look without such a history, please buy it. smile
The angle and the width are definitely in good shape.
The wheels are very low, light, and hard. Choice if you choose this. H Plus Son AT-25 X Suzue Pro Max F/¥ 23,800- ・ R/¥ 24,500- (+tax)
I tried to make the tires a little good. 。 。 It is a very high -grade tire among Vittoria. The only part that touches the ground, so please wear something good. Vittoria Corsa ¥ 7,800- (+Tax)

The saddle is BROOKS that is perfect for slender chromoly bikes. BROOKS SWIFT ¥ 20,000- (+Tax)
Leather saddles are raised, so if you want to use good things for a long time, this is highly recommended.
This custom was like this! The total amount¥ 211,400- (+tax) Of course, you can use installment payments. I will put the simulation. For reference. 。 。 !
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