Custom bike with high cost performance is...

Hello, this is TAIGA. March is finally over. Is it okay to prepare for motorcycles and motorcycles this weekend? I have to hurry and prepare. You have derailed. This is the custom bike introduced today.


VIGORELLI is the latest "44 head" for the head tube than last year. A wide variety of forks can be used by the head parts, so a wide range of customs are possible ◎. The frame material is chromoly and the fork is full carbon. An image that progresses rapidly with a soft ride. This time, I customized the undercarriage based on normal complete. Even if the wheel is overworkedMICHE PISTARD WHEELSet This price has excellent rotation performance. Cospa is very expensive ◎ And for the crankBrotures Rip Cranksetof. The difference from the normal crank is a standard. Since the direct crank mechanism is adopted, it will tell you to the drive line without missing the stepped power. To be clear, it's completely different. If you are thinking of crank custom, why not put it as a candidate? Since the specifications of the frame itself are high, just customize the drive line and it will quickly turn into a city -riding high -speed issue. If you are thinking about upgrading without cost, this custom should be helpful ◎ If you put this custom on a loan simulation, it looks like this. <12 Payments> MonthlyApproximately 25,000You can start from.
MonthlyApproximately 13,000You can start from.

This weekend Kichijoji store will prepare a special price fixie bike for exclusive stores and look forward to your visit !! Of course, we have prepared a lot of immediate delivery cars, so please drop in.

Then we are waiting at the store today !! Customers who have ordered now will receive a BROTURES mini decal & "B sticker" from the Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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