Who decorates the last! Limited 735TR.

It sold in a blink of an eye from the release, and if you noticed a small number, you will get one store left. The hottest is definitely this body.

Atmos x Leader Bikes 735TR ELEPHANT ¥ 195,000 (+tax)

It's 735 with an overwhelming impact that doesn't lose to the eye -catching paint, so it's cool and cool. It is one of the few custom examples, but I hope it will be helpful.Because it sells before customizing.

Atmos x Leader Bikes 735tr ELEPHANT SHRED88 CUSTOM ¥ 309,000 (+tax)

Atmos x Leader Bikes 735tr ELEPHANT Front T3 Custom ¥ 285,000 (+tax)
Atmos × Leader Bikes 735TR ELEPRO × SHRED60 CUSTOM ¥ 345,000 (+tax)
Atmos x Leader Bikes 735tr ELEPHANT T3 Custom ¥ 400,000 (+tax)
There will be no chance to get in the future. later"I should have bought it at that time."Ha is x! Even thoughLast oneSo it's true that some people can't buy it. At the Kichijoji store that handles USED & OUTLET, immediately after uploading to Instagram,Touching differenceThere are many things that you can't buy. Same this time. Please contact us as soon as you are worried because it is completely first -served. I think that the phone can be guided smoothly. We also have a bicycle commuting support project, so check that too!"Bike to Work" Then!
And the customers who have ordered now are presenting Brotures Mini Decal & "B Sticker" from Kichijoji store!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
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