This is a high end! !

Today we introduce custom introduction of DOSNOVENTA LOS ANGELES "Venice Beach"! ! YOKOHAMA store I tried to form a custom using the hand -gated wheels! !
Dosnoventa Los Angeles "Venice Beach" Frame Set ¥ 149,000 (+tax)/Complete Bikes ¥ 249,000 (+Tax) Los Angeles !! With a horizontal frame without habit, looks like a fixie bike! ! The fork offset is set deeper and is suitable for long rides! ! "VENICE BEACH" using high -quality minium Columbus and full carbon fork It boasts lightweight and high rigidity, and is just a high -end model. Click here for the wheel to match it! !
Hed. Beilgium x Paul Track Hub Front ¥ 53,800 ( + tax)/Rear 59,800 ( + Tax) Aluminum rim world's highest Hed Belgium Plus !! The moderate lightness and high rigidity are Pikaichi! ! HUB chooses Made in USA Paul! ! The body is removed and boasts lightweight and high rotation performance! ! The combination is already the strongest. It's quite a price for an aluminum rim hand assembly, It is a combination that is better than the carbon wheels that are perfect! ! Vibration absorption and lightness of carbon are addicted once you use it! ! A wide riser bar that has become not unusual these days Riding with high operating performance and easy posture is possible! !
TNI Carbon Riser ¥ 11,000 ( + Tax) This time, I tried to customize the small parts around here! ! It doesn't change driving, but You can get the originality with detailed attention. I recommend it! !
One set where you can leave HED BELGIUM PLUS with a small amount! ! There is no prospect of arrival next time, so If you are interested, please do it as soon as possible! ! YOSHIE
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