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Introducing a motorcycle of customers who are going to go frequently today! ! Previously, we received a request to change from Leader Bikes 725TR. This time, we had a new wheel! !
Frame: Tyrant Bikes Kagero Framest ¥ 120,000 (+tax) Pashute frame with a beautiful front descent! ! The frame weight is amazing 1.6kg! ! Full carbon fork realizes light handling and lightness with a standard equipment! ! Personally, from middle class 725TR and entry model I think it's interesting because you can understand the goodness of the frame when you change it! ! You should be able to enjoy the real pleasure of fixes and custom.
The riser was a baton wheel and a custom like a piste, Change the handle to the bracket lever with emphasis on running! ! The custom around the brake is a cool one without missing! ! And here is the wheels! !
HED BELGIUM PLUSXDURA-ACE Track Hub \ 91,803 (+Tax) The rim chose Belgium recently arrived! ! The accuracy and rigidity of the rim are the highest peak aluminum rim! ! In addition, it is a high -end rim with a suitable lightness! ! HUB is outstanding DURA-ACE rotation! ! As expected, SHIMANO's high end! ! Overall, it has been finished in a smart motorcycle! ! Geon's favorite runner specifications! ! Even a custom of chari is a rough image and direction like when you go to a barber. We will do our best to make it an ideal type of our customers! ! We are happy that the convincing body is assembled. There are few visitors, so please enter it slowly. YOSHIE
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