Limited color remaining CURE!

CURE's limited color polish is only a few! It is a popular spot color with an elegant but exquisite coloring. I tried to customize one of my favorite CUREs! Leader Bikes The Cure "Polish" Compete Bike ¥ 100,000 (+Tax) Speaking of leader bikes, it is often assembled with a carbon wheel with a strong impact, but this time it is a super simple custom assemble. Speaking of wheels with a bicycle race, this combination is recommended. Shield bearing hub on clincher rim. It is the closest to a bicycle race -like look, and is perfect for city riding with the specifications updated to the modern version.
H Plus Son TB-14 HLH "The Box" RIM x Suzue Pro Max Track Hub Custom Wheel SHRED BAR, which has the Hall of Fame without permission. Add the stem of Mash, which is a spark. It is a handle that is wide and has a sense of stability, and is easy to handle even for beginners. I wonder if one can be skipped with confidence even on the street.
Nitto for Shred Bar Cineeli Mash Stem Personally, I like this because I don't get tired of this kind of custom and it doesn't take much trouble. After all, I was attracted to the simple piste and started riding. By the way, this polish CURE is already sold out, so be as soon as possible! Please feel free to accept test drive, custom consultation, and quotes for free at any time. TOSHI
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