Kichijoji's hidden character Keimei will ...

Hello, this is Kazama. It gets a little cold at night, but the weather has finally become easy to run during the day. I will do itCherry blossom viewing ride The founder is a hidden character of Broturs Kichijoji "Keimei" I am writing this way because the Japanese is suspicious. The content is about 20km around the park around Kichijoji. It's Zakkuri, but is it like this?
BROTURES → Jindaiji → Musashino Park → Koganei Park → BROTURES. On the day, Taiga, who ran 600km alone to Osaka, including Keimei, will also participate, so I will take a photo photo. By the way, the number is limited, but we will rent a fixie bike, so in the future"I want to ride a piste bike !!"You can also participate. Details are as follows Date:4/6 (Sat) AM11: 30 ~ The meeting place:BROTURES Kichijoji Destination:Jindaiji/Musashino Park/Koganei Park And this time after the day ride"Factory tour"I'm thinking of doing it.
It depends on the feeling of Matsuda, the factory manager"Tire replacement/handle exchange"I will do it mainly. It's spring and you can try out what you've never done before. We look forward to your participation. "Bike to Work" Have you checked it? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
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