Today we are introducing NEW products。 A new 5 baton has joined the original carbon wheels of Brotures, which has gained many support since its release. that name as well"T5"

BROTURES T5 Front ¥ 105,000-

Like the popular T3 and T4, the end users can easily use them, use them without hesitation, and take both looks and specifications. We aimed to realize such a concept.
It is formed with UD carbon and weighs 980g. It is finished lightly for 5 batons. Not only durability, but as usual, the rider tests, and the strength that can withstand street rides has been confirmed.
Speaking of 5 batons, I wonder if the image of Mavic IO and AerOSPOKE is strong. These are all different genres wheels. T5 is also a wheel of another genre. The assumed situation is only on the street. Considering the stress of the crosswind, the rim height and the blade width are narrow. By placing a center of gravity on the hub side and adopting a non -contact bearing, a high rotation efficiency has been achieved.
Sharp than IO, more powerful than Aerospoke. The exquisite sense of volume when incorporated into a bicycle may be a by -product after thinking about running on the street. Of course, aero frame like Leader Bikes. It looks good on classic steel bikes.
The 1st lot will be arrived in April as soon as possible. We will start accepting reservations today. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Inquiries near youBROTURES SHOPorBROTURES ONLINE,orDealers nationwidePlease feel free to please. Don't miss the last new face of Heisei! ! Junki
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