What is this kind of like this? KORY YORK K2

The height of the cherry blossom season. If you live in Osaka, you can relax and relax to Osaka Castle, Sakuranomiya, and Expo Commemorative Park. I guess it's just feeling. This time, I will introduce Italian handmade brands,KORY YORK KORY YORK K2 Frame Set ¥ 150,000- (+Tax)
1 inch thread front fork with a slightly thicker aluminum pipe. It is a design reminiscent of the Cannondale track at the time. This time, I tried to customize it with the image of a leisurely cycling specification! Fairweather B903 BULLMOOSE BAR ¥ 8,000-
A slightly unusual steep handle with an integrated stem. This width is an exquisite buckwheat sweet. It was like a golden balance. BROOKS B67 SELECT ¥ 22,000-
It has a spring on the back of the rail and absorbs vibration. The seating surface is quite wide, so the sitting comfort is outstanding. The wheels are the strongest cospa group. H-PLUS SON AT-25 × CYCROC Front: ¥ 20,000-Rear: ¥ 20,000-Set: ¥ 40,000-
If you want to make all the silver except, there are few options, so I think it is a surprisingly aimed wheel. The cost is quite low.
By the way, the stock of this frame and Osaka store is the last one. Please hurry. The frame set can also be used for installments! For reference. 。 。 !
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