Leader Bikes 7 Series

Leader Bikes's 7 series is a 721TR / 725TR / 735TR lineup I want to start riding, but there are many people who do not understand the difference. Of course, there is no doubt that the performance will be high in proportion to the price, In addition to parts that are easy to understand, there are also parts that are difficult to understand, such as frame materials and processing. I think there are things you are looking for, and you may not need it. Every model is recommended, but please start a fixie bike with one that suits you, such as budget and riding.

First is 735TR. There is no particular complaint at the time of the completed car, but the crank and frame material have a considerable effect on the price. Around the handle and saddles are common to all models, so you can upgrade as you like. The seat post and the wheels use a 42mm height aluminum rim and dedicated aero carbon seat post with 725TR. It is standard to upgrade the wheels to the deep wheels such as the baton wheels and SHRED88, such as T3, but there is no complaint to embark. The drive line is also a specification that is used in races, so it is a convincing specification if you are not particular about it. It is the thickness of the down tube that is different from the 725TR, but the frame is lightweight due to the difference in aluminum material.


And 725tr. A model that has a long top tube and has excellent straight stability. The beauty of the welding surface does not change compared to the 735TR, but the down tube is slightly thin and the appearance is refreshing. Only the crank is different for parts. Although the image is different, the current model has a mainstream direct crank. It is a bit inferior to the VISION crank used in the 735TR, but you can enjoy the direct crank feeling. In this way, the difference from 735TR is the material, shape, and crank of the frame.

Finally 721TR. Geometry is an entry model close to 735TR. The welding surface is a little rough compared to the upper model, It is a normal finish that is just too beautiful and is no different from other bicycles. The handle and saddles are common, and the seat post is a general -purpose round type, so you can upgrade later. The crank is used with a square -type standard one, so it is equipped with a low price. The wheel adopts a slightly low rim hat 25mm. The hub is the same as the upper model, so it does not look particularly different except for appearance and weight. The difference from the upper model is the material and shape of the frame, the seat post, the crank, and the wheel.



"2019.4.1 Brotures Harajuku"

LEADER BIKES 725TR SFG 2PC BAR Custom Comp Complete Bike ¥ 263,500 (+Tax)


Leader Bikes 721TR WHITE Monochrome Custom Comp Complete Bike ¥ 166,500 (+Tax)

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