I want to ride 735TR

Today is a custom introduction of Leader Bikes 735TR! ! Leader Bikes's high -end model 735TR I made it custom as I wanted! !
LEADER BIKES 735TR COMPLETE BIKES 185,000 ( + Tax) Choose 735TR, located at the high end of Leader Bikes! ! The thick down tube is a big impact! ! After all it is cool! ! The popular color is black, but this time we chose white! ! It's a clean man color.
HED STINGER 3 145,000 ( + Tax) The front is installed HED HED STINGER3. Its weight is 490g! ! The outstanding lightness and the good rolls unique to tubular are amazing. An invincible wheel that combines lightness and low resistance! ! If you step on it, you will run as much as you step on! !
Ritchey WCS C220 STEM 13,500 ( + Tax) Steering is unified with Ritchey! ! I don't want to do it with someone if you customize it! ! The royal road THOMSON is good, but I personally recommend Ritchey! ! The design is also stylish and the rigidity is high. It's really good! !
735TR that everyone longs for !! There is also a batch and a bit of a carbon diprim Like this time, there is also an expert's favorite thin rim! ! YOSHIE
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