Bike Lore OSAKA. I went!

3/30. 31. At the end of last month, Osaka went to Bikelore held in the Umeda area! I went there or opened a store. smile
By the waySfidarecrit, I have participated in the criterium of the piste bike! This "bicroore" was basically held only in the Kanto region, This is the first time in Kansai! This time it was Criterium that participated, but the event is basically an event. The other races are unpaved because they have been using cyclocross as roots. Participants' bicycles also had many commuter, adventure, and gravel!

The category that participates in both acquaintances, including customers, is almost fixed. smile ・ Delivery race ・ SFIDARE CRIT These two. The members who are in the delivery race are almost known lol The speed of running + the amount of luggage carried. So, it is a race where the ranking is determined. It was quite messed up and it was fun to see it lol

"Motocross International", which is always taken care of The sponsored "Footdown" was also held! To put it simply, how much can you stand? Feeling like. So Ayumu wins! smile
The venue was a little bit. 。 。 smile The video is "Here "from!
The trick tournament has begun suddenly, so I will put the pattern on the video!
So, the main subjectSFIDARE CRIT. In the qualifying round, 6-9 people are one group. The top two people advance to the final. What is? In the qualifying, we managed to pass the second place in the rain and the final.
The final is the second day. The weather manages to hold up, sometimes falls, sunny or cloudy. smile It was strange weather. The final grid is from the back. Unfortunately, the previous players were clogged early and ended with lap -out. So, the champion was this person in Tokyo. Known as "Chansa" It was really fast. congratulation!
The second and third place are players who have achieved results in Korean King of Track. The trick is also very good. I couldn't leave my grades, but it's called "Bicro" I guess it was the most exciting of this event! I tried to count how many fixes bikes were in the venue, but there were about 70 units! The back of the BROTURES booth is like this. smile
I was crowded with a customer bicycle. smile So, this time the body that was the most common in criterium. Affinity Kissenawas! As you see. smile
There were roughly 10 cars, including myself, Kodama, etc. It's okay to have you a test drive at the Osaka store, so please say it anytime!
There were many brands that were not usually used to! Participate in the event, do not, and.. I know more. It will be a place for information exchange, so those who could not come this time If there is a timing again, it may be good to come and come! If there is an event, I will write it on the blog again, so please check it out a little! Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)