I immediately assembled it. And the story...

This season is busy with bicycle assembling and repair. At the same time, I have a hand -assembled wheel assembly work. RAKETA hubs and rims are in stock so that they will be overtaken. Regarding Raketa, it is selling from colored items. There are still items that are in stock, but if you are worried, please hurry. It's a chance when there is no such number. We will also assemble the amount of back order, so we have a wheel every day. Thanks to you, it's a bicycle shop. It's good because it's not painful even if you accumulate your favorite work. Today, a wheel using the items that have arrived. TB-14 × RAKETA Front:¥33,800 Rear:¥35,800
Recently, this TB-14 has increased the opportunity to build. I feel like this appearance looks like a hand. The hub is a low -florse and a modest cousin is Raketa's good cousin. The bearings are also made in Japan, and they are solid. F-35 × RAKETA × SAPIM CX-ray Front:¥77,800 RAER:¥81,800
Raketa is helpful because it prepares a wide range of holes corresponding to carbon rims. Also, when compared to other truck hubs, the raketa hub is mostly lighter. Bring it as an option if you want to realize a light wheel. By the way, the weight for this front wheel is630g. Some people may not come to this, but40%of the finished vehicle wheels will be lighter. And the part that I want you to focus on with clincher rim.If you look for a light wheel so far with a carbon clinch, you can find it.
I changed a little, but the crit race held at Bikelore was the pisto no brake race. I looked around the wheels of the players who were so worried about the players who participated there and were scattered in the venue. What a spoke. Of course, without permission. (This action alone is a bad guy.) Also, there were quite a few hands -on wheels. Whether it's aluminum or carbon, there are quite a few demand. I'm not in the race myself, but how can I make a fast motorcycle? How do you get the wheel for the race? I was watching the race while thinking about it. Even if you put the capabilities of the rider, the wheels do not determine everything, but I felt it would be a very important point. The course on the day is narrow, the corner is tight and the straight is short. A very characteristic course. Personally, wheels with excellent acceleration are important courses. It is absolutely better to keep the rim height than deep rim and stick to the lightness of the rim, and because the corner is narrow, it is better to set up a tangent than radial. I mean. I was thinking too much about thinking too much. The wheels that I thought were perfect for the course of the day after looking over all the vehicle body is Changada. It was the most plain wheel, but I feel it made sense. The result is also the first place, well, I think Chansada's ability was amazing. I enjoyed watching the race while thinking about such a thing, and I thought I would like to continue to play a support role in that side. I was off the story, but after all hand -assembled wheels are interesting and deep. Please make your wheels the wheels. I think you can make the best efforts to make it good. We are waiting for the order.
Fujimoto's horse racing prediction The previous result. Losing Don't hit it. Egui. I was cheering in my heart than the bike lace, but I lost. This week's raceHanshin 11R Sakuraka Prize (G1) Then here is the forecast ↓ ↓ ↓
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