I want to associate with Frank! !

Tyrant Bikes Kagero is fascinated by lightweight and sharp ride! ! Although it is a body that is often assembled in a catch relacy, This time you can ride casually, but it's just fast! ! I tried to assemble such a good custom! !
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Framest ¥ 120,000 ( + tax) The custom of the piste bike is ten colors. The correct answer is to assemble this frame! ! A good place that there is no such boring rule! ! You can put a riser bar in the high -end model of the gear.
Nitto B801AA SSB Riser Bar ¥ 8,000 ( + Tax) Wide trends, handle that goes on the opposite of low rises! ! In the standard state, it is a handle with a width of 730mm, but this time I cut it to 600mm. Thanks to the high rise, you can ride with an easy positioning! !
Thomson Elite X4 STEM ¥ 11,000 ( + Tax) The stem is also a click style! ! The stem that extends diagonally up is an easy posture In a good way, it looks like a piste! !
BROTURES SHRED88 CARBON WHEEL ¥ 55,000 ( + Tax) Choose carbon diprim on the front! ! Isn't it a lower body that you can't imagine from this steering assemble? ? Carbon diprim is determined to be a batch for any custom It will finish it in a custom with impact! ! I think you have one! !
Because it is a high -end Kagero, it is correct to assemble in Lacy. Please throw away such a fixed concept. Why don't you go out with a fixie bike on Frank more freely? ? YOSHIE
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