It's been April for the first time in a l...

It's time to ban the half -pants! I'm sorry that short -bread shorts are noisy from the previous article. 。 。 smile Horie Park near the store was almost in full bloom!

That's why I'm going to check the motorcycle. No now,CINELLI MASH WORKI'm riding on.
Currently in the form of a successorCinelliToTuttoIs a similar kind! CINELLI TUTTO COMPLETE ¥ 125,000- (+Tax)

The characteristic of Tut (work) is ① Thick tires up to 35c will enter ② Brake cable is an internal specification ③ There are dowels and plenty of options such as racks ④ Belt drive can be installed Is it a place? Is it ①②③ where the custom is closely related to custom?
① By thick tires ・ Excellent puncture resistance. ・ Excellent vibration absorption and excellent ride comfort. ・ Stability up when luggage is placed. By the wayThe front and rear tires are 30cAnd I'm wearing a little thicker one!
② Internal specification of brake cable. This simply looks pretty refreshing.
Playing in the color of the brake cable is also a big ants. Nissen Brake Cable ¥ 1,300- (+Tax)

③ There are dowels and plenty of options such as racks This is a Osaka store, honestly rarely active. 。 。 This rack is convenient, cospa is good and this will be good lol ADEPT Truss Porter Rack ¥ 4,400- (+Tax) Highland Fat Strap ¥ 700 ~ (+Tax)

yes. A little story was removed from the bike check, but I will return. If you think about the theme or concept, if you think about what you do, It feels like now lol With the front truck on, the handle is a riser riser.
Try pole for stem and brake lever. Paul BoxCar Stem ¥ 17,800- (+Tax)
Paul E-LEVER (one side) ¥ 9,480- (+tax)
It's a bit confusing, but this is the key to use. Steel-O-FLEX LVEN8200 ・ 850mm ¥ 7,140+tax ・ 1,100mm ¥ 9,030+tax

The headset is this without questions and answers. Chris King NO Thread Set ¥ 20,000- (+Tax)
Even if the column spacer can be added to the extra colors ◎ It looks good even if you are messed up with your twot and work. It grows in many ways.
The crank was attached to OMNIUM. By the way, BB uses a black box with genuine SRAM ceramic bearing. SRAM OMNIUM ¥ 31,400- (+tax)
I got a pink chain ring pin from my friend, so I'm wearing it. smile It's always like this without getting tired.
The hubs are both front and rear MADE IN JAPAN GREDDY Greddy Revolver ¥ 18,000 ~(+Tax)
This hub turns around. To be honest, the design is cool, but it doesn't make any sense. This is self -satisfaction. smile This wheel has been used since I got Fuji -kun before working at Broturs. GREDDY hubs have already ended and the number is decreasing. If you are thinking about custom wheels, be as soon as possible!
There are few people who use chain tensioners unexpectedly. You don't have to. But it would be convenient if there was. I feel like that. 。 。 ? If you want to do something extra, I recommend lol! Profile Racing Chain Tensioner ¥ 3,800- (+Tax)

The saddle is a brand called Astut. It is a saddle that is not very familiar with Brotures. I wonder if there are still many road bikes. 。 。 ? I am worried. Anyway, the saddle here is outstanding! Would you like to do it together? 。 。 ? smile ASTVTE SKY LINE VT ¥ 23,200- (+Tax)

Above, the bicycle is like this. There is no work anymore, but you can customize the chinelitut in the same way! I think it is the model that can do the most in various ways of bicycles lined up in stores. We look forward to your consultation with TUTTO! Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi Ward, Osaka City MAP
12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)