Fizi: K's seat post is available !!!

hello!!! Today I introduced it on yesterday's blog FIZI: K seat post attached to custom cars I would like to introduce it because it has arrived !!!

fIZI: K Cyrano R1 CARBON SEATPOST ¥ 18,580- (+Tax)

The size is ・ 27.2mm x 330 (right) ・ 31.6mm x 330 (left) I have!!!! The design is simple and elegant !!! Change the thickness of the tube in front and rear and left and right Differential walls have both lighter weight and rigidity !!! In addition, the thickness of the tube tip is thinned, cut diagonally, and lighter. I also uploaded it. Treat the edge in contact with the upper and lower clamp rails on the curved surface It has a gentle shape for carbon rails. The positioning of the saddle height is easy to understand and convenient !!!
Can prevent mud from entering Silicon color is also included, so it is endorsed !!! It will definitely be a popular product. Please come to see the actual thing once. I think I want it !!! Then we are waiting for you at BROTURES OSAKA today !!! U-KI.
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12:00-19:00 (no regular holidays)