Did you know that you can paint the wheel?

It's the best weather today to ride a chari. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom around Kichijoji, so please drop in the cherry blossoms ◎ Today is a 735TR custom.

Laeder Bikes 735TR T4 White Custom ¥ 314,000 (+tax)

I don't want to wear other people! There are many people who are such evil demons. For such a person like thisCustom paintRecommended! You can paint even the wheels without stopping the frame or fork paint, so the custom possibilities will be expanded ◎. Please also see this blog.

You can do various things! Custom paint!

Custom paint, the ultimate custom. It is a custom that can embody your image, and can be used to refresh your car that has become a kutakuta ◎. Click here for the fee.
Frame single color:¥50,000~ 2 or more frames: or more:¥60,000~ Frame Special Painting:¥70,000~ fork:¥15,000~ wheel:¥20,000~
A custom paint that has a wide range of possibilities, such as Majora, which changes color depending on the viewing angle, as well as a single color. If you don't decide the color, the staff will be consulted if you come to the store ◎. This custom, I added white skin to the tires according to the front wheel. You can choose the color on the tires, so it is ant to give your car that tends to be chic and have a personality! Colors are infinite possibilities. 。
The last 735TR was finished in such a neat atmosphere. Custom paint, which is gradually increasing, what color do you dye? "Bike to Work" Have you checked it already? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
And the customers who have ordered now are from the Kichijoji storeBROTURES Mini Decl & "B Sticker"I am presenting!
Please be assured that distant customers will be bundled with the product!!
OUTLET mail order site has been opened !!
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