Custom with an unable to get it now.

The wheel brand "HED." I longed for now and in the past If you're on a fixie bike, it's a brand you'll always yearn for. HED wheels are being created at home garage and are being created with an unwanted inquiry. Tour de France has a high usage rate in Girls Keirin, etc. It is a famous wheel brand in the world. This time from such a HED, I used "I can't get it anymore", so please use it! !
Leader Bike 735TR × Hed. H3 Custom Bike ¥ 185,000 ~ (+Tax) 735TR with a thick aero frame in matte black, synonymous with Leader. The presence of the wheels that are as impactful, but the strongest wheels of the bass body are so impactful. Although it is luxuriously put in front and rear, it is excellent with 735TR.
Hed. H3 Wheel Front ¥ 197,800-/Rear ¥ 205,000- If you say 3 baton of HED, this "H3" The H3 itself is now renewed to "H3 Plus", and the truck specification H3 is not currently available. Therefore, this H3 that can be installed on the rear is incredibly rare.
The fact that there is only one set of truck H3 in the Harajuku store. I can't help but tell this important thing ...
Leader Bike Down Town Handle ¥ 8,000 (+Tax) The handle is also a track handle. Nowadays, long risers are popular, but after all, if you are a fixie bike, it is a kore image. It is a specification that makes you want to skip the mood.
I have already reported it, but again! ! There is only one set of truck specifications that cannot be obtained now. If you want to put it in the rear, don't miss it. We look forward to your visit and contact us. ◼︎Brotures Harajuku ◼︎ Click here for inventory status/order phone call Click here to call the store Click here for email

-It can be purchased by customers who cannot come to the store and those who are far away.

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