Introduction of My Tyrant Kagero

A little time has opened from the previous blog. The world is completely spring. I'm fine. What's this? smile "If you notice, you're riding a Leader"From the series It's early, and it's been a month. Click here to review the article. "The story of riding a Leader if you go" series At the end of the last episodeKagero is renewedI wrote that At last I have written a blog that I can introduce. To put it a word earlier, "763 + Kagero = Gachi" This is the equation that everyone knows at all BROTURES stores. Even if it is too long, I will introduce it in order.

But where should we introduce? Previously, the new carbon brand that provided the arrival guide "Black Inc" Actually equipped.
The handle is hard and firmCarbon comfortIs alive. The upper handle with a thin finish that is so thin that you can not see much elsewhereIt's easy for Japanese with small hands to graspGood. Because it is a smooth matte finish, I am riding a bar tape to my hand right now.
Don't you use it so much from customers? It is a lower handle that has a strong opinion, but I use it properly. This timeThere are many head winds, so it is impossible to do it without lower hanis. The thickness is different depending on where you hold it, so this is alsoGood grip
A seat post that gives a sense of unity when combined with the stem and brand (It is also called a seat pillar) The carbon seat post talks about weight, There is no difference from high -spec aluminum (7000th, such as Thomson masterpiece)。 So why do you use carbon? and.The meaning of vibration decline is largeis. It is one of the ideas that reduces fatigue with a piste bike with many hard frames.
Black Inc's seat post is a lineup of only 27.2mm, so I put a spacer to use it for 31.6mm design Kagero. It was a compromise here because it was a part I really wanted to use. Umm.
The stem has a handleBolt from behindUnusual construction. Since the protrusion on the front disappears, When you want to be in a position while runningYou can hold the center so it's familiaris. The two -tone color of matte black and gloss black gives a sense of luxury.
It ’s a casual image, For head parts, put Chrisking (Chris King)。 If you want to assemble from the frameI definitely want to stick to itIt is a part.
The saddle is the Osaka storeReliable brand "Fabric" Among them, I chose "PRO", which uses carbon for rails. 19000 yen is exceptional with carbon rails. Cospa is too good. Is it about 25,000 yen for other brands? Only PRO has a large logo design on the seat, The stem and seat post are combined with "Matt Black X Gloss Black", so we aim to match them. The sense of unity of custom is the total score of the detailsI think it's a good idea.
On purpose on the crankDo not add direct crankwas. Campagnolo record track. The manufacturer's production has been completed, soIt's just on the market and endsThe guy. This time, in forming Kagero"Smart" rather than "Ikatsusa"I wanted to do it The crank isThe most "Kyosha" record for trucksI wanted to use it. If it is domestic"SUGINO 75"It is recommended if you finish around the crank that is refreshing. For the chain ringSugino's MC144 S3I'm matching that. The number of teeth is 47T. Recently, the hole in the chain ring bolt is embarrassing (?)I'm addicted to hide。 Only one customer noticed this detailed custom. I'm happy. smile Next, rear wheel.
It's a bit unusual, but at the Osaka store, Yuuki and Narumi are pushing. "White Industries Truck Hub" Special sprocketI'm annoyed, but this hubErai turns wellThat's it. The design of the hub is also excellent,Personally hot partsis. The cog is 16T. And recentlyDo you need a chain pull?I came to be asked. The bicycle racer "I can't believe I don't have it"It is one of the necessities parts,I think it's okay for honest town riding。 Gear ratio is highThose who run with a big torque, I'm worried about the "gap" of the chain with skidsI think you should use it.
The rim is not sold at the store, sorry. Mavic Open Pro UST Disc is popular recentlyAluminum rim for tubelessis. I fell in love with the distinctive shape at first sight and bought it online at the same time as the announcement. smile Open professionals are in storesStock only for tubularbe doing. Because it is a very good aluminum rim, you can buy a tubular thin rim. The front wheel is
Actually handled"Spinergy" Four thin blades (strictly 8) are famous,Now this spoke wheel is the mainstreamis.
Most of the stainless steel spokesSpinacy is a spoke called "PBO"I will use. It is composed of 30,000 or more fibers called "Zylon",Half of stainless steel and 3 times strength。 Pbo spoke"Metal and fibers" are good for riding comfort due to vibration decrease.So it goes without saying. It's a spokeA mysterious feeling that makes you grip when you hold itSo, please take a look when you come to the store. Spinacy is a famous company in a wheelchair business. Last but not a folk.
I really"The one whose genuine parts are crisp"I want to see it. Everything except the frame, etc.I'm crazy。 I am aware. smile
The base material fork is a colon bus.Same as Dosnoventa's attached forkis not it. Originally the bassCarbon patternthat's why,The front side and the Brotures logo are the same color as the framepaint. 2 tones with carbon patternI had you finish it. You can order in detail the painting position, soThose who want to make a one -one frame will also be an not it.

As always, thank you for your long explanation. The whole is like this.
It's not flashy, but running is ferociousyou know. smile If you step on it, it's slimyDangerously acceleratedYes,I don't bother vibration so I can attack poundingdeath. For kageroFinish "like"is not it. Yeah, satisfied. This Saturday"Lide with Yuki"There is, but To the end of the month"Night ride"There is so, let's run together.
No, but cool. My kagero. smile 763 (NARUMI) BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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