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Everyone is spring. The season when there are many goodbyes and many encounters. After that, it is a season when it is easy to ride a bicycle. Speaking of spring, it is "Custom Spring"!I don't know. This spring, some people will embark on a piste bike, and embarked on this time last year I want to customize it soon! I think there are many people. That's why! Today, including those that have recently arrived, is here if you want to customize quickly. Introducing
If you want to change the looks of the car body and ride comfort, the recommendation isRiser handle custom. It's all you can choose now because it arrived a lot this week! This is the most popular among them. NITTO FORSHRED BAR ¥ 7,700 ~ (+Tax)
Why? Everyone likes. The bicycle will be cool unconditionally. What is a miracle golden balance? Wise (width) is 650mm and 750mm! If you want to make a long riser inspired by Mash's movie, you may have about 750mm. 。 ? Well, if you cut the worst, it will be anything! If you want a little rise (height) rather than forshred, this is the recommended one. Ayum also uses something with a little rise! NITTO B809 ¥ 8000- (+Tax)

Odagi is a strap. I think there is a customer who purchased a Brotures original strap at the time of purchase. It's more durable and the design is fashionable. It is quite supported by the riders who do tricks. It is different to see! The comfort is greatly improved. Why don't you use good things because they touch your body directly? Stylish is from your feet. YNOT PEDAL STRAPS ¥ 6800 ~ (+tax)

And finally, the recently arrived chain ring. FACTORY FIVE F5 Lattice Chainring ¥ 10,500- (+Tax)
A 3D structure and a pretty sharp silhouette. The fraction is also in good shape 49T. If you are addicted to the chainring swamp because it matches any crank, how about? As soon as it is in stock! Just check out the story of the gear ratio in an easy -to -understand manner. This is the introduction of parts. If you have any other questions like "How about that? This?" I will do anything with a simple explanation, a deep story, so it is raining today, so you can consult a lot. We look forward to your visit~! Yuki BROTURES OSAKA 1-19-22 Minamihorie, Nishi-ku, Osaka 06-4391-3313
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