An important custom element is "not broken".

Hello, this is TAIGA. Today's Tokyo is raining all day and the temperature is low. If it is cold + rain, the tension will go down to ride a bicycle. And when I commute by train for the first time in a long time today, it was full of delays. Bicycles are not disturbed, and it doesn't matter how crowded. Bicycles are faster than the train, and it's more comfortable. I thought a bicycle was good ◎ Let's enter the main subject. The custom bike to be introduced today is ...
USED ​​frame just arrived the other day"LO PRO" It is interesting because the Kichijoji store suddenly comes in. Since it was the previous model, the fork was straight fork and the logo was from the time. This guy released from Affinity Cycle is a harsh concrete jungle"NYC"The frame made by repeating the messenger and testing. Not only durable, but also quick running and outstanding handling. Because it is chromoly, the ride is mild ◎ The pashute frame so far is difficult, but contrary to the imagination of the exhaust form, the top tube is short, so the condition goes up quite a bit. It is easy to ride modestly. This time, I used this frame to make it easy to handle and cool in everyday life.


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Frame set:AFFINITY CYCLES LO PRO handle:Nitto for Shred Bar φ31.8mm Stem:Thomson Elite X4 STEM saddle:SELLE SANMARCO CONCOR PROFIL-X Seat post:Thomson Elite SeatPost crank:MICHE PISTARD 2.0 Crank Set Wheel: H Plus Son The Hydra Rim x Suzue Pro Max 32H Hub Custom Wheel
Stem, seat post, and clamps are unified in Thomson. to this pointCost performanceIsn't that the case that the manufacturer is good at? It is one of my favorite manufacturers. Light and strong. Beautiful above all! It can be widely matched from NJS to aero frame. It will definitely be useful. Set forshred on the handle, and the wheels are hand -assembled HYDRA. In this case, even if you overuse it every day. You can step on it, throw it, throw it on the guardrail, or use it with tricks. I customized a sturdy bicycle. It is good to wipe a long -lasting companion, wipe it small and ride neatly, but I like bicycles that do not have to worry about the troublesomeness like me. It is amazing that it does not break. Custom that matches your riding is one of the reasons you can associate with your bicycle for a long time. I want to make such a bicycle. The image alone is OK. Please consult with our staff! We will propose a custom that suits your lifestyle. Then. "Bike to Work" Have you checked it already? Don't forget those who haven't yet !!
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