A new option for hand assembly rims.

After all, many people customize bicycles at this time. Thankfully, I have received a lot of wheel orders and I set up every day. Meanwhile, today, the rim has arrived for a new hand assembly wheel. Velocity QUIL(Cill) BK:¥ 14,500- (+tax) Polish:¥ 17,500- (+tax)
Velocity currently has all the rim production processes in the United States, and as a rim maker, many masterpiece models are released. QUIL from Velocity who loves fixes. Aileron is a disk brake compatible rim with a round appearance like Ailero.QUIL is a model with a firm brake surface of the rim because it is a rim compatible rim. The specification of the quil is below.
It is a specification that draws the recent wide rim flow. "This quill rim, which can be said to be the development of A23 rims, which proves the best success, is made lighter, harder and wide, utilizing the manufacturing technology cultivated in the development of Aileron Rim. Cyle rims are 17.2%wider than A23. Horizontal rigidity has been increased by 26.2%, and vertical rigidity has increased by 99.3%. " This is the explanation of QUIL on the Velocity side. WellThe latest model of the rim from VelocityThat's it. And the rim weight is 465g of the manufacturer. Actual measurement has some individual differences, but it is about 450g. This weight is light from this rim width. So, we are not very familiar, but they are up to date both clinchers and tubeless. I have already assembled it, so a little personal impression. Perhaps because of this weight with this rim width, the feeling is a bit soft than a click. However, when it comes to assembly, the vertical and horizontal rigidity has improved as Velocity says. I will go to the finish that seems to be quite rigid. And this rim has a fairly wide number of holes from 20h to 36H. Velocity is confident that it can secure rigidity even with a small number of holes. I think it's okay if the number of holes is reduced. This timePolish 20h, 24hPrepare in.
How about assembling with a DT Swiss truck hub? Is it perfect for the combination of colors and the number of holes. BK is 32HPrepare in.
This hub usually will respond. For the time being, one set of Velocity hubs are also available.
front¥ 6,000- (+tax) rear¥ 7,000- (+tax) It is a normal hub. It looks like just putting a name into the Formula hub with a laser. I don't know. If you use this hub, we recommend bearing custom. So it's Suruzuru. Various things are available at this time. Please go to the store and consult a custom consultation.
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