How about such a kagero?

Today is a custom introduction of Tyrant Bikes Kagero! ! I installed the baton wheel before and after and finished it in a luxury! !
Tyrant Bikes Kagero Framest120,000 ( + Tax) Pashute frame with a beautiful front descent! ! The frame weight is amazing 1.6kg! ! Full carbon fork realizes light handling and lightness with a standard equipment! ! Personally, from middle class 725TR and entry model I think it's interesting because you can understand the goodness of the frame when you change it! ! You should be able to enjoy the real pleasure of fixes and custom. The front and rear wheels install Brotures T3! !
BROTURES T3 Carbon WHEEL ¥ 90,000 ( + Tax) The most popular 3 baton wheels in BROTURES! ! A unique shape not found in other wheels, There is no doubt that the driving feeling of cutting the wind will be addictive once you use it! ! This wheel is usually out of stock, but now there is a small amount of stock! ! Click here for the crank! !
Vision Track Crank Set W/BB ¥ 27,000 ( + Tax) Leader Bikes 735TR is standard equipment This crank is sold alone! ! The 30mm spindle is highly rigid and the power is transmitted to the pedal without loss! ! The cospa is quite expensive with a trendy disk type! ! YOSHIE [Brotures YOKOHAMA Road Blog]
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